Fusemachines AI2Go Workshop

The workshop is specially designed for Non-Technical Professionals to begin a career in AI.
*No programming experience needed
4 Weeks | Online Live Lectures | Certificates
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Course Features
Professional Certificates
Professional Certificates
Professional Certificates
Guest Lectures
Professional Certificates
Live Online Lectures
Professional Certificates
Access to an AI Enabled Online Classroom
Enrollment Process
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Workshop starts on August 2, 2021
Class days: Every Monday and Thursday
Class time: 6 pm - 7 pm

Our Lecturers

Our PhDs, seasoned AI industry experts, and faculty from top universities developed the curriculum and assessments to enable industry ready AI engineers.

Our Lecturers have worked at places like…
  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Massachusetts Insitute of Technology
  • columbia-university
  • Google
You’ll walk away with
  • Sound knowledge of concepts like machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • A basic working knowledge of python and how to create machine learning models.
  • A basic understanding of the machine learning workflow and how to apply it.
  • Enough knowledge to create a dataset and AI model to turn your ideas into reality.

Course Details

4 Weeks: 2 Sessions per Week
Day 1 : Intro to AI and Programming
What is AI, Applications, benefits and importance of AI in different sectors of modern society, and why you should be getting into the field of AI now.
Do we really need to learn programming to learn AI ? No! It is not necessary to know about programming to learn about AI. You can create simple AI models with no code, however- learning some programming basics can help you build a stronger foundation.
  1. Introduction to AI
    • What is AI, ML & DL & its type
    • Project: Create ML model without coding
  2. Introduction to Python Programming
    • Basic Python Programming Syntax
    • Python Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib
    • Project: Python Data Visualization
Day 2: Intro to Machine Learning
The course includes the basics of how machines actually learn to find patterns in data, and are able to predict even better than humans. You will learn to build a Regression model to predict housing prices.
  1. 7 steps of Machine Learning Workflow
  2. Linear Regression
    • Scikit-Learn for Machine Learning
    • Project: House Price Prediction
  3. Logistic Regression
    • Project: Iris Classification
Day 3: Intro to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Language is a cornerstone of human cognition. You will learn how to understand the state of NLP, and build a sentiment analysis model to recognize the sentiment of reviews and create a chatbot yourself.
  1. Introduction to NLP
    • Why is Natural Language Hard ?
    • Applications of NLP
  2. NLP Pipeline
    • Converting Text to Vectors
    • NLP workflow
    • Project: Sentiment Analysis
    • Project: Building a Chatbot
Day 4: Introduction to Deep Learning (DL)
By modeling neurons in human brains into artificial neurons to develop neural networks, scientists have achieved state-of-the-art results in many domains of AI. You will learn how to build simple neural networks.
  1. Deep Learning
    • Introduction & Application of Deep Learning
  2. Artificial Neural Network
    • Biological and Artificial Neurons
    • Multi-layer Neural Network
    • TensorFlow for Deep Learning
    • Project: Numeric Character Recognition
Day 5: Introduction to Computer Vision (CV)
Vision is a crucial sense but hard for computers to learn, yet they can recognize objects even better than humans, and learn to build their own image classifiers that can separate one image from the other.
  1. Introduction to CV
    • Why is Computer Vision hard?
    • Application of Computer Vision
  2. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
    • Extracting features from images
    • Project: Image Classifier
Day 6: Impact of AI on Society
AI is deeply integrated into our everyday lives, in almost all major aspects. You will learn how AI impacts society, and recognize the negative impacts as well. We will also discuss how we can spot AI opportunities in business, and how to implement them.
  1. Impacts of AI on different sectors: Agriculture, Healthcare, Retail, Finance
  2. Methods of AI implementation in business
    • Spotting AI Opportunities
    • Issues with AI Implementation
    • Implementation Strategies
  3. Negative Impact of AI: Ethics, Bias, Adversaries
Day 7: Guest Lectures
Learn from, and interact with, esteemed Guest Lecturers from different renowned universities who possess many years of experience in the domain and have absolute expertise in the field.
  1. Optional TA Sessions to support participants in their project works
Day 8: Demo day
The best learning process is acknowledging mistakes and improving upon them, constantly acquiring better understandings. On this day, participants can demonstrate their learned AI skills and knowledge by implementing their proficiency in a domain of their interest.
  1. Choose a particular problem that can be solved with AI, which can have some impact in your chosen domain
  2. Develop AI models to solve the problem
  3. TAs will be available to support you, there will be optional TA sessions before the Demo Day

Student Testimonials

“I’d recommend the Fusemachines Educational Program to anyone who has an interest in AI and wants to pursue it as a career option.”
Onil Harrison
Onil Harrison, Software Engineer
“Fusemachines Educational Program was a stepping stone for me in the field of AI which has helped me polish my AI knowledge and grow professionally as an AI Engineer.”
Onil Harrison
Shreesha Pokharel, AI Engineer

AI2Go Workshop FAQs

What skill sets and background would be necessary for enrollment in the workshop ?
No Programming Experience is required, students and professionals from all domains are welcome. Having some idea of programming is helpful to grab programming concepts more easily.
What will I be able to do after completing this course ?
This is a workshop course that will give you a basic understanding of Machine learning, Computer vision, Natural language Processing and their applications and impacts on society. You’ll be able to create a deep learning model to classify images wearing masks or not wearing masks. You’ll also be able to classify sentiment of a text.
Will the participants be assigned to any project work?
This series of workshops consist of a demo day at the end where students will be asked to form groups and present their AI solutions in whatever domain they choose.
What is the duration of the course? What days and times will the sessions be held on?
The total course duration is 4 weeks consisting of 2 sessions per week. Each session will be 1 hour long. There is a two week break after the sixth session for the participants to prepare on their project work. There are optional TA sessions in between to guide the participants in their project. Classes will be held every Mondays and Thursdays from 6-7 pm.
Do we need to complete all modules for certification or will there be a separate certification for each module?
Students will receive certification if they attend 80% of the sessions.
What types of jobs will this program prepare me for ? What will I be able to do after completing this course ?
The prime objective of this course is to provide you with an initial understanding of programming ML,CV or NLP models. It is designed to provide introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Non-Technical Professionals and doesn’t require any prior programming experience. All that is required is a passion to learn Artificial Intelligence and a drive to discover your career in AI.
Is there anyone available for course/career counselling ?
Students can ask their questions regarding the course through chat or email.

Common FAQs

Are these paid courses ? How about the fee payment system? Is there any scholarship opportunity?
This is a paid course. Our team will notify you about the payment procedure once you sign up and register for your program of choice.
How is this workshop different from other online learning platforms ?
These courses are moderated by a group of Instructors and TA with live classes, recitations and guest lectures. There will be online videos, reading and programming materials to support students learning as well. There will be multiple quizzes, assignments and programming practise to develop coding skills. Furthermore, Student support materials will be provided to help students prepare for jobs along with potential job opportunities.
Who will be providing the training?
Teachers are PhDs and experts in machine learning. There will be guest lectures from International teachers as well.
What hardware and software will be needed ?
A computer running a 64-bit OS with at least 4GB RAM is recommended.