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Message from CEO
Launch Your AI FUTURE
As an organization, it is our firm belief that talent exists everywhere and that everyone deserves access to Artificial Intelligence education irrespective of their background. Fusemachines’ mission to democratize AI is built out of this belief. Providing AI education to underserved communities is an initiative we started in 2017 with our AI Fellowship program. Fusemachines AI School is the next step in scaling this initiative.

Fusemachines AI school trains students using a unique learning approach with a mix of online and on-site trainings. Our online learning platform, provides content prepared by industry experts and university professors. It is supplemented by on-site instruction at Fusemachines AI school. Students receive a holistic educational experience and gain the skills needed to launch their future in AI through our courses, projects, mentorships, and community activities. We hope to fuel this momentum and build more AI schools around the world. Join our initiative today!
Dr. Sameer Maskey
CEO and Founder Fusemachines Inc.
Sameer Maskey
Frequently Asked Questions

Fusemachines AI School is an onsite school for world-class training in Artificial Intelligence. The classes are run by industry experts and trained by Fusemachines. The school uses Fusemachines’ proprietary platform and learning tools.

The Fusemachines AI School’s online learning platform( is an online platform that provides access to course material and other learning resources at any time and place, including CodeHub, the coding platform used to complete course projects. Fusemachines AI will also contain a mentor forum for students to ask questions.

Fusemachines AI School offers four core courses - Machine learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV).

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