Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program Powered by Fusemachines

Learn essential Artificial Intelligence concepts including Regression, Classification, Clustering, Deep Learning using latest tools and libraries such as Pandas, Keras, Scikit-learn and Tensorflow

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Learn Artificial Intelligence with Fusemachines

  • Understand how to read, transform and manipulate data
  • Use complex scikit-learn tools for machine learning
  • Build various types of statistical models
  • Use Keras for neural networks
  • Use scikit-learn to build regression, classification and clustering systems
  • Learn how to model sequential data using Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Solve both supervised and unsupervised machine learning problems
  • Classify images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
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Announcing first cohort of scholarship recipient of our 10,000 student scholarship programs

November 5, 2018

We announced the first cohort of our 10,000 scholarship program today. Congratulations to everyone who received the acceptance email! If you didn’t get the acceptance email, do not despair, you still have a chance for getting the scholarship when we select the next cohort of students.

We plan to provide the scholarship to 10,000 students in multiple cohorts of 250 to 500 students at a time every few months. As mentioned above, the first cohort has been selected today and the next cohort of 250 to 500 will be selected again in January 2019. Unless you got a rejection email from us, you automatically qualify for the consideration for January 2019 application pool as well.

We got thousands of applicants and there were many talented applicants whom we couldn’t accept in this cohort. We hope you may get selected in our 2nd cohort.

Good Luck!

“The world is rapidly moving into a new era of technology where AI will transform many aspects of human life. But if we want everyone to benefit from the development of AI, and not just a few select countries, we need to make AI equally accessible around the world. This is why we need to democratize artificial intelligence.”
Sameer Maskey, Fusemachines Founder & CEO
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  • What is fuse.ai ?

    fuse.ai is an online learning platform which is aimed to provide accessible AI education globally. It will enable scholars to become industry ready AI Human Resources.

  • What is the Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program ?

    Fusemachines is investing in this Scholarship program with fuse.ai platform. This is an exclusive program aimed to provide fundamental AI courses.

  • Who is eligible for this program ?

    Anyone can apply to this program. However, preference will be given to students with Computer Science and Mathematics background. Applicants should be prepared to invest about 10 hours per week during the Challenge Course.

  • How to apply ?

    Applicants need to sign up for a fuse.ai account, fill in the required fields and submit the scholarship application.

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