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Our mission in democratizing AI for everyone is a heedful step towards empowering individuals to successfully navigate changing times. The courses under AI Academics by Fusemachines are created and dedicated to all audiences in need of AI education, whether it be for individuals, educational institutions, or organizations.

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Academic Team

Our PhDs, seasoned AI industry experts, and faculty from top universities developed the curriculum and assessments to enable industry ready AI engineers.

Bülent Uyaniker, PhD
Bülent Uyaniker, PhD
Director of Academic Affairs, Fusemachines Inc.
Former faculty of Univ. of British Columbia
PhD, Max Planck Institute/Bonn University
Rojesh Man Shikharakar
Rojesh Man Shikharakar
Manager of AI Academics, Fusemachines Inc.
Rakesh Kumar Katuwal
Rakesh Kumar Katuwal
Manager of AI Development, Fusemachines Inc.
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