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Start Offering your Students AI Courses today. Fusemachines can help you and your students take advantage of the global demand for AI engineers.

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Fusemachines Launches ‘AI Shikshya for Nepal’ in Partnership With Colleges

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Customized curriculum that fits your students’ abilities

Our PhDs, seasoned AI industry experts, and faculty from top universities developed the curriculum and assessments to enable industry ready AI engineers.

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What Colleges get
  • Put your school on the map for AI education.
  • Attract more students to your school by offering our AI courses.
  • A custom curriculum, either for credit or not, that fits your students’ abilities and semester schedules.
  • Seminars with famous AI Speakers
  • Webinars by PhD Experts
What students get
  • Completing the AI programs we offer allows students to become AI engineers.
  • Increase their attractiveness in the global AI job market.
  • Experience working on 50+ real-life projects.
Learning Path
Students first take an Eligibility Test to be placed into the MicrodegreeTM in AI Program or the Foundations in AI Program, either with or without the CS course.
Learning Path
Key features of the program
Key features

Our proprietary coding platform allows students to work and submit their assignments online and provides access to dedicated GPU servers.

Key features
Fusemachines’ Teaching Pedagogy Training

Fusemachines trains instructors to facilitate student learning rather than lecture them. This style keeps students engaged and doesn’t impede their learning.

Key features
Student Progress Tracking

Our platform includes a dashboard for admins to see how far along each student is both overall and within each AI module.

Key features

Students receive an industry recognized certificate for each AI program that they complete.

Additional features
Additional features
Global Forum for AI students to share their ideas
Additional features
Free access to Fusemachines AI events
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