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Kathmandu, Nepal - February 12, 2024
Fusemachines Announces AI Fellowship 2024 in Nepal
New York, NY — July 10, 2023
Fusemachines Launches AI Fellowship 2023 in Latin America
Kathmandu, Nepal — Nov 10, 2022
Fusemachines Announces AI Fellowship 2023
Kathmandu, Nepal — Jan 20, 2022
Fusemachines Announces AI Fellowship 2022 in Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal — Jul 1, 2021
Fusemachines Launches First-of-its-Kind AI Training for Nepal’s Non-Technical Audience
New York, NY — Dec 8, 2020
Fusemachines, a leading global provider of artificial intelligence (AI) talent and education software and services announces the launching of its AI Practice for Healthcare.
New York, NY — Feb 11, 2019
Fusemachines Inc. announces Referral and Growth Partnerships to advance its AI-as-a-Service Business
New York, NY — Sep 12, 2018
Fusemachines announces scholarship for 10,000 students as part of its global AI training program to address talent shortage in Artificial Intelligence
New York, NY — Jun 29, 2018
Fusemachines Inc. acquires Rake to scale its AI as a Service business leveraging Rake's talent acquisition and candidate engagement platform
New York, NY — Feb 22, 2018
Algorithmia and Fusemachines Sign Partnership Agreement to Help Businesses Build Better AI/ML Software
New York, NY — Dec 19, 2017
NYC Startup Fusemachines Launches AI Fellowship Globally Using Columbia University's Online Program
New York, NY — Oct 9, 2017
Fusemachines Inc. Appoints Former IBM Watson Team Lead (Multimodal Group) as the Director of Artificial Intelligence Research
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Founded in 2013, Fusemachines is a global provider of enterprise AI products and solutions on a mission to democratize AI. Leveraging proprietary AI Studio and AI Engines, the company helps drive the clients’ AI Enterprise Transformation, regardless of where they are in their Digital AI journeys. Under the leadership of chief executive officer and founder, Dr. Sameer Maskey, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, Fusemachines continues to actively pursue the mission of democratizing AI for the masses by providing high quality AI education in underserved communities and helping organizations achieve their full potential with AI. Fusemachines is headquartered in New York with operations across Asia, Canada, USA and Latin America.

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